Nice to meet you, I'm

Lenny Hu

I'm a UX designer. I also blog daily, ocassionally write product teardowns, and still help Starbucks baristas.

Some stuff I worked on

Getaway Weekend

Research, Wireframes, Interactive Prototype

Getaway Weekend shows locals where to go, what to see, and places to stay outside their city. After speaking with friends, I designed this app to help fatigued professionals unwind during the weekend.

See the design process


Research, Usability Tests, Taskflows, Wireframes

Telecure connects users with medical professionals over the phone. Through speaking with recent customers, people on the street, and patients in urgent care, we discovered major pain points and made recommendations for their messenging and design.

See the design process

LetsLunch Landing Page

Research, Teardown, HTML Mockup

Letslunch connects professionals and helps them network during lunch. After using the product, I saw how the landing page can be improved, layed out my rationale, and redesigned it based on my hypothesis.

Read my produdct teardown


Usability Tests, Wireframes

Peek is a beautifully designed activities booking app. But it's not perfect. I found problems through usability tests, made recommendations, and re-designed part of a flow.

See what tests uncovered

Selfie Scare

Ideation, Cruelty to Narcissists

Because I am constantly being bombarded by selfies on social networks, I wanted teach my selfie taking friends an hilarious, unforgettable lesson. This app is designed to do that.

See how it works

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I love psychology, good hikes, eating (duh), and practice Muay Thai too!

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